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"My work is passionately devoted to radical authenticity,  compassionate empowerment through awareness, and dedication to soul growth."

"Healing and Teaching has been a life path for me.

I initially developed a deep connection to the power of sacred sound current and frequency as a child and as a professional musician. I began reading tarot for friends from the age of 17 and my love of yoga was seeded at that time. In the beginning, I wanted to write songs that healed people's hearts and brought them back into alignment. I soon realised that the commercial music industry in the 90's was a challenging place for an empathic healer like me to be respected as a sacred feminine vessel and channel, despite having some success as a national award nominated song writer

I soon trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and I found a sacred space for my voice. I have since released numerous devotional music albums.

Now, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner, and I hold degrees in Psychology, with Clinical Hypnosis and an MSc. in Psychiatry through the

Cardiff School of Medicine.

I am also a certified Family Constellation Facilitator and

Transference Healing Teacher.

I stand for the empowerment of sensitive beings, Lightworkers, Healers and Empaths; supporting them to live a happy and authentic life based in true sovereignty, free from old programming and systemic trauma.

My work with clients draws on two decades of experience from disciplines as diverse as Egyptian mysticism (Shemet), Vedanta, traditional Andean healing practices, and curanderismo practices from the Peruvian Amazon. I work extensively with the ancestors and spirit guides of my clients, merging advanced spiritual principles and consciousness into therapeutic practice. 

I now dedicate my passion and energy towards Family Constellation sessions, dynamic workshops, immersions and retreats, that support sensitive beings, Lightworkers, Empaths and Healers

with the sacred codes of Love, Light and Truth

I also offer Transference Healings, Akashic clearings and integration guidance for individuals after psychedelic healing experiences.

I am committed to nurturing divine feminine leadership and endeavor to bring light to that

which has been hidden, through Embodied Ascension TM"