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"My healing work is passionately devoted to radical authenticity,  compassionate empowerment through awareness, and heartfelt dedication to your soul's growth."

Nicole Hailey (Scarab Deva) is an intuitive healer, shamanic ceremonial facilitator, and a Systemic Family Constellation facilitator. The healing name, Scarab Deva, calls forth her direct personal ancestral lineages from both North Africa and Southern India. Scarab initially developed a soulful connection to the power of the sacred naad (sound current) as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She is a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Practitioner, and holds degrees in Psychology, with Clinical Hypnosis and an MSc. in Psychiatry through the Cardiff School of Medicine. 


Scarab draws on experience that spans over two decades from disciplines as diverse as Egyptian mysticism (Shemet), Vedanta, traditional Andean healing practices, and curanderismo practices from the Peruvian Amazon. She has completed numerous master-teacher plant dietas and has facilitated hundreds of sacred medicine circles in Africa, Europe, Central and South America. She works extensively with the ancestors and spirit guides of her clients, merging advanced spiritual principles and consciousness into therapeutic practice.

Scarab now dedicates her love and energy towards Systemic Family Constellation work, spiritual counseling, Akashic soul reading/clearing sessions, and integration coaching/guidance for individuals after psychedelic and sacred shamanic healing experiences.

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