Pink to Orange Gradient

"My work is passionately devoted to radical authenticity,  compassionate empowerment through awareness, and heartfelt dedication to your soul's growth."

I have evolved and walked through the fires of purification and initiation, following divine guidance and through the re-remembering of the truth of my soul.

I initially developed a soulful connection to the power of sacred sound current and frequency as a child, as a professional musician and then as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I am a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Practitioner, and I hold degrees in Psychology, with Clinical Hypnosis and an MSc. in Psychiatry through the

Cardiff School of Medicine. 


When I work with clients, I draw on my experience that has spanned over two decades from disciplines as diverse as Egyptian mysticism (Shemet), Vedanta, traditional Andean healing practices, and curanderismo practices from the Peruvian Amazon. I have completed numerous master-teacher plant dietas and I have facilitated hundreds of sacred medicine circles in Africa, Europe, Central, North and South America. I work extensively with the ancestors and spirit guides of my clients, merging advanced spiritual principles and consciousness into therapeutic practice.

I now dedicate my passion and energy towards transformative immersion courses and Systemic Family Constellation work. 


I also offer Akashic soul reading/clearing sessions, and integration coaching/guidance for individuals after psychedelic healing experiences.