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Fate, the Stars and learning to allow change in others

We are about to hit a huge solar eclipse tomorrow. It will be in compassionate Pisces and will apparently bring forth a period of much beneficial energy for everyone....... well thank god for that! It's about time.

After last year (and I'm sure most readers will agree that 2016 was a monstrous-nasty-beastie of a year) we are being promised a calmer ride....for now at least. But much like the wheel of fortune in the tarot deck, this period of luck and success will also change at some point and we will be faced with a new challenge

(or opportunity for growth if you can see it that way).

This is a realm of duality after all, so change is inevitable.

I always counsel for caution when watching and following the movements of the planets. I have been reading tarot for people for more than 20 years now, and just like nothing is carved in stone (well not forever), I believe in free will for all - even when it comes to our stars. Sure, there may be some stormy weather on the horizon. But there is no need to fight it. If you know it's coming, you can anticipate it and carry an umbrella with you just in case.

I would go so far as to say that I often muse about whether it is US that influences the movement of the stars. And that all astrology is doing, is merely reflecting back to us our internal geometry. If that is the case then I would hypothesize that we are not what we think but rather the sum of our choices and actions. And even then - I always give people permission to grow, even if it is clear that change is not easy for them.

Even more reason to learn how to go with the flow and embrace change as it comes - if there is one thing we can be certain of - it is that change will always come for us in some shape or form. Interestingly, on a side note, I always thought I was bad with change. But as it turns out, I'm not. I just like to be the one eliciting the change. It turns out that I love change - I thrive with change. But I need to be the one to make the decision to do it. And I'm sure that would go for anyone. In fact any therapist or coach (or any person with an inch of E.Q.) will agree - true change comes from within and only when a person is ready for it.

And so, this has been my personal practice of learning to trust in the goodness of others. A challenging lesson I have had to learn as an individual who is, let's just say very sensitive, (yes to the point where a lot of the time I know what people are thinking before they do because I pick up on their feelings fairly immediately). It has taken me a long time to recognise that just because someone is thinking of kicking me in the butt, doesn't mean they will actually do it. But that said - I have a fairly good awareness of who people are before I meet them ..... and if I back out of a room and maintain eye contact with you - you know why!!!

For years I was caught in a loop of fear, because I would not give people permission to change. I could interpret their inner feelings due to being so hyper-vigilant and aware of what was happening with them. This was more deeply compounded by my knowledge of astrology. Hence, I would draw a box around them because I knew too much.

This begs the question, was that me manifesting it or simply foreseeing the inevitable? It's a moral dilemma for sure, as well as a karmic one. When I figure it out I will let you know.

I certainly don't agree that every single thing I observe in others is a pure reflection of me. All this pseudo - spiritual babble has everyone too polite to call it like it is. And that my dears is exactly how the Guru ends up with 100 underaged concubines, a palace made of gold in Monaco and a fleet of Mercedes Benz cars, sponsored by his penniless yet devoted followers. There is a fine balance I admit and allowing people room to change or to grow is part of that balance. Knowing your boundaries is also part of it.

This process reaches beyond psychic awareness with strangers and acquaintances. It also affects family and relationship dynamics. How do I allow others so close to me to change? How do I give them permission to grow? Especially after I have been a witness to the way they have behaved towards me and others in the past?

I think the answer is; by constantly striving for our own destiny, without any fear of shining too brightly.

Once I became determined to reach my own inspired destiny (the ceiling), instead of scrambling around in the mire of my fate (the floor), then change became an acceptable inevitability in my life. And free-will henceforth played a greater role in my awareness of not only myself, but of others too. Why not give it a try and start reaching for your destiny today. By spreading your own wings, who knows who else you will be setting free :)

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