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To Meat or not to Meat, that is the questionable question....

In my 30th year I embarked on the dietary adventure of a lifetime. I am

an O + blood group person and had followed the blood group diet since my early 20's, eating meat and feeling happy and healthy with it.

But in 2008 with my partner at the time, I started a fully immersive regime of raw vegan eating, vegetable only juicing and hot yoga, punctuated with weekly water fasting. We even threw ourselves into water fasting for two weeks at a time on a regular basis. This was inspired by my first experiences with Plant Medicine from the Amazon as well as a synchronistic meeting with David Wolfe, famed raw food evangelist.

At the time it was hugely transformative and I grew spiritually at an unequivocal level. I felt I had found the ultimate formula! And despite the exasperated concern of family and friends (who threw their hands up in despair at not knowing what to feed me) I ploughed head-first (as I usually do) into a new way of living and being. I looked and felt like a super model! Shiny, skinny and alkalized to perfection.

Daily infrared saunas, wheatgras