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Could a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

The answer is yes.

And here is why I have changed my name from “Sarab Deva” to Scarab Deva.

Did you know all your names hold a vibration? And they will genuinely influence how you reach your Destiny?

The reason people on a spiritual path have been given spiritual names by a teacher or an organisation, is to guide them onto greater awakenings of spiritual awareness in this lifetime.

The name Sarab Dev was given to me when I completed my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It vibrates as a very high spiritual level of purity.

And for the last 7 years that is exactly what I have experienced. This was amazing for my spiritual development – I released 4 spiritual music albums in one year, I travelled continuously healing people, counseling people, teaching them a form of yoga (connection of soul and body) that was ground breaking at the time. However I was kept to such a high vibration that over time I found it harder and harder to live my human life. It became really difficult to connect with people, to have a family, to have a home and there were many other repercussions I don't need to go into here but feel free to message me if you would like to know more.

Hence I have changed my name to hold a slightly different vibration, so that I can still walk in this world, and live fully in this human body.

Hopefully anyone who adopts a new name has considered carefully the ramification of this. And when I say ramifications I do not mean having to deal with your friends and family laughing at you. I mean recognising the vibration that your destiny will now become aligned to.

The power of our words is such that every time we call ourselves by a name/label, by saying “I am” we become that. And every time other people call you by that name – you become that.

I believe Abraham Hicks says the same thing in her teachings:

Say “I am (insert word that reflects struggle)” – that is what you become.

Say “I am (insert word that means happiness)” – that is what you become.

And so by saying “I am Nicole” - that is what I become, everyday, every time I meet someone new. That is what I become for them, to them, around them, and for myself that is what I become.

Interesting isn't it? And I feel that this might be because of the vibration of our birth numbers and how that relates sensitively to the subtle changes in our names.

Now think about the first name you have. Do you know what your name means? It's worth looking into it and connecting how influential your name is to what your life experiences have been to this point. The name Duncan for instance means “brown warrior”. I have always known people called Duncan to have strong personalities. My given name is Nicole. It means “Victory of the People”. And yes I have often done things on behalf of others, felt the need to take on their cause and fight for them when they could not or would not fight for themselves.

Think of your nick names and the energy those names hold for you, around how your family relates to you as the youngest/oldest/middle child/dark horse/black sheep etc etc etc.

One of the reasons (amongst many others) I think new Mothers struggle with the new identity of being a Mother, is because suddenly their new name is Mom/Ma Ma/Mother. So they lose themselves a little because everyone else starts to call them by that name - including their partner. This works for some women, but not for others. Once again, I feel that this might be because of the vibration of our birth numbers and how that relates sensitively to the subtle changes in our names.

Another interesting observation I have is how a women's life changes when she takes on the surname of her husband. Have you ever heard people saying that everything changed once they got married? I have definitely experienced this myself. Might it be the fact that the women is taking on the family name of the man, thus changing her vibration entirely? Something interesting to think about. It opens a whole can of worms in my mind about how women have been suppressed through the ages, held as lower than men and literally have been owned by men for generations. Could it be something that simple?

Since time in memorial, it was tradition for parents of a new baby to choose their name carefully. In ancient times there was a ritualistic naming ceremony whereby the village shaman or tribal elders would connect with the soul of the baby and enquire what name the soul wanted.

These days I feel that many parents are so detached from their own souls or are unaware of this huge responsibility, that they struggle to 'hear' or perceive what the baby's soul actually wants to be called. Hence possibly giving their child a name that might not align with the baby's soul's best interests. Another form of bondage perhaps? Or just another way to reach their destiny?

I guess you will need to decide for yourself.

In this realm of duality, there are many ways in which we could meet our destiny. Think of it as the gift of free-will we are given.

Imagine the following scenario:

(This is one for the ladies, and I have kept it as a simple illustration of words because simple is always best and most effective)

You are a single lady and you have a first blind date arranged for you by your well meaning friend. You are meant to meet a man who is (apparently) Your type at a coffee shop about 10 blocks away from your apartment.

You can get to the coffee shop to meet your blind date by...

a) Taking a bus (the quicker option which ensures that your hair stays looking perfect, you can wear prettier shoes as you don't have to walk in them, and you are wearing the possibly more conservative outfit you put on that morning with the mindset you woke up with).

b) Walking (the longer option whereby you will meet different people along the way. Someone might say something to you which spark something inside you so you think differently. As a result you might walk slower and really look at different shops and possibly buy a fantastic electric blue jacket that you happen to see in the vintage shop window which matches your eye colour beautifully).

You get to the coffee shop for the blind date and the guy you are meant to be meeting is a conservative and pedantic time keeper with a foot fetish.

If you took option a) you will meet him on time, fall in love and get married. Your life will be content, stable and secure, you live in the same city for the rest of your life and you are very happy.

If you took option b) you will be late, the blind date will be annoyed and he will just be leaving as you arrive 20 minutes late in your old walking shoes. As he walks out not even giving you a second glance because of your insanely loud blue jacket, you catch the eye of an artist who has taken a break from his work on the river bank. He starts up a conversation with you because of your jacket and the awesome cobolt colour. You forget about your blind date and end up falling in love and getting married to the artist. You will have a completely different life together, full of excitement and adventure, maybe a bit less money and security, but still much happiness.

Same destiny, but with a different man and with some different life experiences along the way.

So I'm not saying that it is the ultimate destiny for every woman to get married!! I'm saying that you can choose your path to your destiny with the choices you make. And all those little choices can have such a huge impact on how you reach that Destiny.

Perhaps those choices can influence the baggage we acquire along the way and how that will influence our next incarnation.

For me, changing my name is a small choice I choose to make, so that I reach my Destiny in a gentler and calmer way, perhaps even free from the influence of other people's choices.

How will you reach yours?

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