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Ascension 101

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Lately I have been feeling into (even more than usual) how we all look out into the world, through a multitude of inner filters, the subsequent layers and how this contributes to the collective dream (or matrix) we all find ourselves in. In ancient times it was well understood that we were dreaming our reality into being. And the things that we focus on become the reality we inhabit.

At this time, there is the outer physical layer with specific events, then there is the energetic layer behind that. And it feels like there is so much conflicting information available and just so much information in general out there in a sea of voices and opinions, it’s become challenging to really KNOW your truth and to STAND in your truth with courage these days.

Typically, I have found that the layers of reality are generally congruent and work together, but recently it feels as though what is happening in our physical world is contributing to a growing dissonance for us all energetically. Some would call this a clear manifestation of the Ascension symptoms we are experiencing as a collective.

If things are murky for you right now, check in with yourself - how have you been feeling? Have you been feeling aligned, resonant, inspired and in love? Is your outer world aligned with your feelings too?

If so, kudos to you!! Please stay in that resonance and touch as many others with your light as you can.

If you are finding your energy is being tossed around like a ship at sea, I have developed an Ascension practice that comes with a Beginners Guide to Managing Ascension Symptoms.

You can find it here: Scarab Deva Shop

You will learn what these symptoms are and how to deal with them and you will be able to acquire a practice that enhances your ability to ground yourself into the physical while still allowing for higher levels of awareness to reach you.

Oh it is a funny business, this ascension…

This is not a ‘flash-in-the pan-microwave-dinner' kind of thing.

I think a lot of people are hoping that it will just happen one day, that the world will wake up enlightened...that aliens will come down and fix everything....or that we will all just go live on Mars and be done with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy.

Ascension is something that requires us to go through a multitude of initiations, some major life upheavals, dismantling of our ego structures, emotional turmoil and lots of purification.

We are releasing lifetimes of karma. Karma which has accrued over hundreds of lifetimes and ancestral karma that we still hold in our cells. How can we even think it is going to be walk in the park? And if I'm honest, it will take more than a bit of psychotherapy to solve what is being brought through for us. This can not simply be about processing now, it needs to be about release and purification on a mass scale.

And the caveat is, we seldom have adequate time to process it all fully.

While things have been made easier to move through this great shift, with powerful new healing modalities and karmic release techniques available, the speed at which we are being asked to evolve at and the amount we are being asked to shift can feel overwhelming at times.

I encourage you to honor the fact that there is really no need to rush though. Rushing is a human condition. You are not missing out on anything. Your Higher Self is orchestrating all in Divine timing for you.

The most important thing is to stay calm, express love in each and every moment and surrender to Divine Will.

The good news is that once you know what’s happening, why it’s happening, how to manage it and what you have to look forward to, you can just choose to relax into everything that shows up on the journey

This does not necessarily mean you will experience these deep transformational changes without a little discomfort – I don't think anyone can get out of it that easily. But it does mean that you will be out of resistance (which takes up more energy), and you will be flowing with source and anchoring in more of your soul. If you go with the flow, the journey will be less challenging than fighting your way upstream, only to find yourself getting swept away with the current eventually.

Just so you can get a feel for the magnitude of the shifts the human race is going through…

We are evolving into beings that will be living with extra DNA strands, where telepathic communication will be common practice (eventually mobile devices will not be necessary). Access to the wisdom and light technology of spiritual realms way beyond that of our higher self will be available to us and many will be bringing in Goddess energy in physical form.

In short we are looking at a completely different future, culture and humanity and the changes will be unprecedented, coming in thick and fast over the next few decades and beyond. Not everyone will be able to hold these shifts in frequency. Many may choose to leave.

I have been unconsciously and now consciously doing my own ascension work for over 15 years. Activating my DNA, doing tons of karmic release and healing and living more and more in integrity than I ever thought possible. My own healing practices and methods have evolved and shifted tremendously over the last years to incorporate more Light technology from higher realms, while still being grounded in the physical.

I am now offering a set of tools that include powerful channelled meditations, boutique (especially curated) microdosing (with vibrational essences specifically designed for the next part of your journey) as well as healing practices that will purify, activate and align your many chakras, your energetic bodies, your etheric blueprint templates, your energy transformers, and your inner selves, from your Inner Child through to your Goddess/God Self.

This is truly how complex we are as beings - multifaceted and with many versions of us existing simultaneously. And we are only just beginning to discover the depths of our true power and potential.

Personally, despite the very real challenges we all are facing right now, to me this is also a time to be excited and hopeful and this is what I choose to focus on as much as I can.

You can learn more about the ascension support offerings I provide here : ScarabDevaShop

Much love,

Scarab Deva xx

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