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Ascension 101

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Lately I have been feeling into (even more than usual) how we all look out into the world, through a multitude of inner filters, the subsequent layers and how this contributes to the collective dream (or matrix) we all find ourselves in. In ancient times it was well understood that we were dreaming our reality into being. And the things that we focus on become the reality we inhabit.

At this time, there is the outer physical layer with specific events, then there is the energetic layer behind that. And it feels like there is so much conflicting information available and just so much information in general out there in a sea of voices and opinions, it’s become challenging to really KNOW your truth and to STAND in your truth with courage these days.

Typically, I have found that the layers of reality are generally congruent and work together, but recently it feels as though what is happening in our physical world is contributing to a growing dissonance for us all energetically. Some would call this a clear manifestation of the Ascension symptoms we are experiencing as a collective.

If things are murky for you right now, check in with yourself - how have you been feeling? Have you been feeling aligned, resonant, inspired and in love? Is your outer world aligned with your feelings too?

If so, kudos to y