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The Divine Love Codes Immersion & Mystical Rose Initiation-Part 1

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Art by: Tina Marie Elena

I have been a sacred medicine facilitator and shamanic healer for fifteen years now. And what a journey!

I can safely say that my true understanding of Ayahuasca and what it means to serve medicine only began once I embarked on the sacred journey of ‘dieting’ also called 'dieta' (not to be confused with the ayahuasca diet). This is a physical and energetic merging with what are considered Master Teacher plants in the Amazon.

Circa 2008 I was one of those (and this seems to be becoming the norm nowadays) that came to facilitating Ayahuasca ceremonies as a calling. And I was pouring medicine before I began a formal training (which also seems to be the norm nowadays). And while it was always clear that the teachings came from the plants, I later discovered the importance of taking time to sit with a teacher or Maestro with a deep ancestral connection to this medicine, to learn through being in their energetic field and also to have my own energy cleared and balanced regularly. The dietas I speak of are delineated by extended periods of isolation, fasting, and eating only a handful of bland foods for weeks or months at a time: no salt, no fat, no sugar/fruit and perhaps only one small meal a day. The impact on the physical body can be brutal as