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Cultivating Your Psychic Abilities

Flowing with the Aquarian Age will require a deep connection to your intuition.

We all have the innate ability to develop our psychic gifts. However up until very recently this has been stigmatized and misunderstood by many. Our intuition is a natural part of being human and some might argue that what was a necessary survival skill for our ancient ancestors, has been bred out of us through generations of conditioning and fear.

The Aquarian Age is calling on us to awaken to our soul gifts and talents aka our psychic abilities.

We all have them - but my goodness I do wish we would all start using them!

Unfortunately, so many people are just thoroughly overwhelmed and stressed out after world events in 2020 - 2022. This is why finding ways to calm frayed nerves and come back into equilibrium daily is imperative for intuitive enhancement.

There are various ways to develop psychic talents and your intuition.

The fastest way I know of is through regular practice with the elemental of Light.


I offer both Holy Fire Usui Reiki Placements (through Reiki Trainings) as well as individual healing sessions with Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna Reiki, both of which will elevate consciousness and clear blocks to your psychic gifts and intuition. Not only does regular Reiki support sensitive beings to feel calmer and less burdened, it enhances the aspects of your life that generate joy as well as other wonderful healing benefits.

I am offering Reiki Level 1 & 2 Trainings in April 2022 and regularly thereafter - just check out my upcoming events here:

Transference Healing

The second approach I offer is Transference Healing.

Transference Healing is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

Transference Healing® is a self-healing tool that seeks to empower you to work with the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It unifies ancient healing traditions with unique lightbody (electromagnetic) healing procedures originally channelled by Alexis Cartwright.

Receiving a 1:1 Transference session once every 6-8 weeks is highly recommended due to the rapidly increasing shifts on the planet.

I also offer a monthly group upgrade and attunement to my Ascension Empire Community that creates an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing vital to the evolutionary expansion of the human body and the consciousness expansion we are experiencing as this planet rapidly ascends: CHECK OUT NEW MOON ALCHEMY

Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions, (either as part of the a group or 1:1) enables you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health and wellness, while also connecting you to the complexity of your divine and inner nature. It’s a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing spiritual awakening and a reconnection to and through the Cosmic Christ, so you can return to a state of oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess.

Book in a consultation to find out more here: BOOK

There are also other ways to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities yourself.

Infact, you might already find, that you are naturally inclined to channel energy in healing sessions, see visions, or communicate and travel outside of the time space paradigm.

It is helpful to see what you are already doing naturally and then strengthen those skills.

Everyone will have a dominant modality they experience the world through.

Some are very visual, some are more kinesthetic (feeling), while some are more auditory.

Your psychic input will very likely follow the same pattern - but this is not always the rule!

To develop your psychic abilities, find a practice that makes you feel comfortable and one that you will use regularly. We have seen through studies that the neuropathways in our brain where information travels are strengthened through repetition.

Practice makes perfect.

By taking the time to refine your connection to your intuition through your subtle senses, you will notice that they become more accessible and easier with time.

Journalling and keeping track of intuitive messages you receive can be so helpful in making the connections and understanding the information.

Here are some intuition enhancing practices you can begin to work on yourself today!

1. Meditation practices, breathwork and mantra, all contribute to quieting the chattering mind, and will awaken the quiet voice of your intuition.

2. Human Design is an astrological tool to tap into and find out your own unique approach to intuition and how you are designed to receive intuitive downloads and the Universe. Access is not the same for everyone!

3. A simple way to tune into this psychic senses is to tune into how you feel whenever you enter a new situation in your day. When you get into your car, when you enter a group, when you are at your workplace, when you are out running an errand. See if you can decipher between what you are feeling and the energy you are feeling around you.

4. When you are faced with a decision (try small ones to begin with and work your way up to bigger decisions) close your eyes and imagine the situation after you say "yes", how do you feel? Then imagine yourself saying "no" – how do you feel. Make note of the feelings and see how they correspond to the outcome in physical reality. As you practice you will start to see that in most cases your felt sense accurately predicted which outcome served you best.

5. One technique for strengthening the gift of visions is to use visualization combined with the alpha brain state. When you do this regularly, your left and right brain will be more comfortable with each other and will work together to help you receive intuitive information and therefore process it consciously and coherently. Join my free sound healing library on called Ascension Empire where I have facilitated and now made available numerous sound healing and guided meditations for Lightworkers, Healers and Empaths. This will not only elevate your frequency, this will also bring you into an alpha state with the calming sound vibration.

Join my FREE sound library for Lightworkers, Healers and Empaths on Teachable: GO TO ASCENSION EMPIRE SCHOOL

6. Make time to meditate for a few minutes first and then to sit in this quiet space and ask for pictures to come into your mind about any specific issue or life area. Ask questions and notice what pictures or moving images show up in your mind. It may seem like it is simply your imagination, but clairvoyance uses the same areas in your brain to show these pictures as it does to actively take part in those situations and as you refine your ability to decipher the images, you will see more clarity in the guidance your subtle sight provides.

7. Do your best to Maintain a High Frequency. It is easiest to tune into our subtle sense when our physical senses are at peace. Take care of your physical body so that you can strengthen your intuitive body. If you are often emotionally triggered, explore some healing options to release the confines of beliefs that may be hindering access to your intuitive senses.

How Can Your Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Gifts Help You and the World?

Your subtle senses can support you in multiple ways on your life path, first and foremost helping you to be more compassionate towards others. Enhanced psychic abilities allows you to interpret the language of others beyond the actual words used. You can also use your intuition to help you in your healing sessions, to help others move forward with alignment and to slip into the flow of life so that synchronicity becomes an everyday occurrence.

With warmth,

Scarab xx

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