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Divine Love, Divine Light and the Mystic

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I often have my best insights when I just pick a subject that I'm fascinated with and begin writing.

I was musing this morning about the deep and profound lessons I have learned through delving into the actual codes of Divine Love and Divine Light.

I know, I know!

Hasn't that whole 'love and light' thing been beaten to death enough? Hasn't it become some nauseating pseudo spiritual crap that doesn't mean anything but people just say it anyway, like 'Namaste'.

Sadly this is true. As soon as humans find anything sacred that could yield a profit, they grab hold of it tightly, dress it up in a tutu and exploit it on every street corner.

Ah, humans, can we live with them?

Can we live without them?

On a serious note, this reflects how deeply unhappy we are as a culture, that we are willing to do anything to get out of the system, to be special, to get attention, to make millions (which seems to be the great determiner of value these days), so that there can be some meaning in our lives.

Just take a look at social media and you will see what I mean. From my observations and experience, most will choose to stay in the neatly manicured, easy to control realms of love and light that are purely namby-pamby surface truths, void of mystical wisdom.

I have come to see that 'Love and Light' will forever be a shallow experience until you touch the most unsettling aspects of the Divine.

I personally take my approach from that of a mystic standpoint and delve in deeply, really deeply, throwing myself womb, heart and soul into my intuitive spiritual practices. I like to know it inside and outside before I engage with it as a Truth for me. I'm a bit "all or nothing" you might say.

This has been a life path for me and I can not have it any other way.

The concepts of Divine Love and Divine Light were introduced to me through my Akashic Soul Reading Training, which came with its own set of initiations and took years to process.

Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Truth, Divine Power; all these are linked to our individual holographic blueprints as beings through our glandular systems. These are, for all intents and purposes, our direct access to GOD. And once you find the keys to activate these all fully, your physical and spiritual potential truly is limitless.

This wisdom has been kept secret by initiates over the ages because anything that is sacred will be either stamped out by the superstitious or exploited by those who sit on the lower rungs of consciousness.

In this day in age, anything sacred seems to be taken and abused by a broken society looking for meaning in its existence. Knowledge turned to wisdom, acquired through embodied experience, seems to be a vital missing ingredient nowadays. And many of the old mystics are passing on from this world taking the true secrets with them.

I still consider myself a baby mystic. I have walked (sometimes crawled) for 25 years on this path fully dedicated to it, and still I can not say that I have mastered it. My soul guided me to situations, relationships and to offering healing services where I would have few deviations from my spiritual focus, other than the human requirements of having to "earn a living in the 3D realm" which comes with its own challenges.

A few years ago I was being called to bring through a set of teachings for some group of sensitive souls out there who are ready, the procedures (or codes) of how to embody more of Divine Love and Divine Light as we navigate these times. It actually felt paramount in these times, so much so that it burned inside me like a obsessing spirit scratching its way out of me.

However to teach it, I needed to really KNOW it. And when I say know it, I mean I had to learn how to embody it.

I had to really know what Divine Love and Divine Light were. And I mean the divinity part. Not the stuff people like to think it is. I wanted to really know what it would take to bridge our 3D world with the 5D realm of Unity.

So as any mystic would, I set about channeling all my spare time (and often time meant for other things) into meditating on, living with and embodying these mysteries.

And, well, when I set that intention I was taken on a journey unlike any I have experienced. I was given access not only to the magic of weaving together white and red tantra but also a wild escapade with the Goddess in all her forms (Maiden, Mother & Crone) hence learning about the control and manipulation of black tantra. It then became a deeply personal journey, all while I was teaching what I already humbly knew would open hearts and bring healing (exactly what most people would perceive Divine Love and Light solely to be).

But oh no, that was not enough. To truly embody Divine Love, I also had to descend and sacrifice the part of myself that still held the patriarchal codes of feminine suppression. I was not prepared for the impending mystery school like downloads that would enter the space once I delved in. Nor was I prepared for my descent into the the Underworld as Inanna to face and actually step into Erishkigal, to become her. There I was, literally in labour, giving birth to lost souls and delivering them from hell.

Additionally I was not prepared to become the ACTUAL rage of the Goddess: the rage of every wife, daughter and sister ever scorned. At that point, Hell became my refuge and it was like the Devouring Mother Kali was coursing through my veins lighting my world on fire, burning bridges left right and center. And there she was, glaring out of my eyes and booming through my words as I became a channel for all of the voices of the Goddess. And then, I was unceremoniously shattered into a thousand pieces between the three worlds, so that I could be pieced back together ... or not. I kind of feel as though I am still working that one out.

Sounds like the hysteria of a half crazed woman, doesn't it? Only those who have walked the Divine Feminine path can relate to this. And I know you are out there.

This was the epic journey to self sovereignty I was drawn to. This was the REAL journey to Divine Love.

And it's not for everyone.

But if it is for you,it will call to you ceaselessly, like an enchantress siren, until you surrender to it.

As for Divine Light, let me tell you about that!

Light is a formidable teacher of consciousness and when it shows up, get ready for some cold hard truths about yourself. I was introduced to the elemental of Light almost 20 years ago and it's lessons have never ceased to blow me to pieces, beheading my ego and slamming into my steady perspective of who I think I am. A perilous journey even in ancient times, reserved for initiates who were properly trained for it.

And in today's world, how could this ever be popular? Hardly anyone is ready for such clarity about themselves and who they are. So they retreat into other spectrums of awareness where they can comfortably interface with the spiritual path in a way that feels rosey, safe and less confrontational.

Light has taught me that this is where the Guru steps in to be the mirror for all your projections and all your childhood issues. This is where the false prophet steps in to tell you what you want to hear and proceeds to make a profit out of it. This is Divine Light teaching you. Those who rant and rave about such people have yet to travel through and out of the realm of duality. This is the wisdom of the mystic. Those Gurus and False Prophets are only there because there is an opening and a niche within you. They are merely fulfilling a purpose, to teach you how to trust your own inner guidance and to stand in your sovereignty as a Divine Being.

When you claim your own sovereignty, and hold yourself deeply accountable, both Divine Love and Divine Light are able to take you to the next levels of awareness and learning. Divine Love will hold your heart open and prevent you slipping back into 3D fear, and Divine Light will continue to guide your way.

Love and Light, eh!?

Not so soft and fluffy after all, is it?

About the Author

Scarab Deva is a shamanic practitioner with an MSc in Psychiatry, a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Transference Healing Trainer, Family Constellation Facilitator and somatic integration coach.

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Knowledge acquired through experience seems to be a vital missing ingredient nowadays" wow. This whole piece. Thank you. SO much resonated- especially this- "When you claim your own Sovereignty, and hold yourself deeply accountable, both Divine Love and Divine Light are able to take you to the next levels of awareness and learning. Love will hold your heart open and prevent you slipping back into 3D fear, and Light will guide your way."

I had this experience this weekend in ceremony. I had to take responsibility for things that I thought that I had already paid the consequences for, but the patters and behaviors continued. I had to sit in the pain and discomfort that those actions had caused…

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