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Look into the Past to Envision a New Future

Updated: May 10, 2021

The Importance of Ancestral Healing

The first time I received the spirit-guided message to learn about family constellations, it was 2014 and I was in the Andes Mountains of Peru. I was facilitating a shamanic ceremony with the sacred ancestral medicine Wachuma (a tall slim psychedelic cactus that grows throughout the Americas) with a Q’ero Shaman. It almost seemed like the sacred medicine of Wachuma (or San Pedro) was telling me of the next step in my own personal healing journey AND what my soul path would become…

I could feel it in my bones that this was big. I did not know what this modality was, yet, perhaps I had seen it somewhere, read about it somewhere or heard about it somewhere, but I had not paid much attention to it.

This is how spirit works, I feel.

Through small seeds planted into your sphere of consciousness ready to be harvested when the time is right.

When I felt the direct message come through, I knew that I had to listen and throw myself in.

The mysterious yet potent healing modality of Systemic Family Constellations

This powerful modality was inspired by the indigenous people of South Africa. A German Psychotherapist called Bert Hellinger lived and worked in KwaZulu Natal as a missionary and educator. He was so moved by the tribal practice of honoring those who had come before as well as the traditional healing practices of that region, that Hellinger proceeded to return to Europe with the seeds of what would become the therapeutic modality of Systemic Family Constellations.

Through this practice, the movements of the soul of the individual and the soul of the family are brought into a sacred space for healing. It leaves all who participate with a deep sense of oneness and that they are connected to something far bigger than themselves - The Great Mystery. Or as Hellinger calls it - The Knowing Field.

"Every success has the face of our mother" ~ Bert Hellinger

A Healing of the Heart

My first constellation brought me right to the crux of what I see now as the blueprint of all other interactions and relationships as humans - our Mother. It was challenging for me to revisit inner wounding that was so primal and pre-verbal. Yet no matter how much therapeutic work I did around my own Mother Wound, and after hundreds of sacred plant medicine journeys (and Master Teacher Plant Dietas in the jungles of Peru), to truly heal I had to accept the driving force of the blueprint for my life. I had to accept that this blueprint was continuously being filtering through the channel of this human being that could never accept her own Mother, and hence nor could I accept her as my Mother.

True healing could only begin when I went to the heart of the matter and then, I needed to rest with it in ways that no one could actually teach me or show me. It was through grace and trust that I was able to birth a new version of myself.

I then began to discover a whole world of applications of Family Constellations that kept bringing me back to my shamanic, yogic and clinical hypnosis training. It was as though spirit was guiding me into the fractals of our existence that extend beyond family blood ties, and beyond the illusion of separation, into the realm of soul.

Seven years on, I have witnessed this modality change the course of lives of countless people, opening up space for seemingly immovable blockages to shift.

Healing Wounds of the Spirit

I write this from the perspective that we are all connected, and that our life force continues to flow through into the Great Mystery and onwards into other forms once this physical body fades from life.

There are countless healing modalities that focus on the body and on the mind. Yet not many take into account the healing of the spirit or soul. And it is this that seems to have been my calling from the beginning. From my intuitive leaning towards using Astrology and Tarot for healing and self-awareness with my clients, to studying Clinical Hypnosis, Psychology and then Shamanism to induce altered states, to facilitating Ayahuasca and Wachuma ceremonies on four different continents, healing the spirit for me has always been the first port of call.

Trauma that inflicts deep wounding on us is often carried over in the emotional etheric body but can also affect the mental etheric body and have a cascade effect on us as we exist in other dimensions and in our life arenas (relationships, career, spirituality etc). Trauma from growing up in dysfunctional family dynamics, parents leaving us, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, a parent dying when we’re young, unethical financial (or other) patterns within the family, lies and secrets in the family (known or unknown), parents favoritism towards a sibling, being used by our parents for their own needs, religiousness oppression, and this list is by no means exhaustive, have all been observed through Systemic Family Constellation work to have a long lasting impact.

When any of these experiences are part of our early life and we do not have the tools and support to deal with them, they can become wounds of the spirit. If left unhealed they will impact us for the rest of our lives, and possibly will follow us into future incarnations.

If we experience being hurt and acquire the skills to prevail despite the wounding, then those wounds become our greatest strengths and gifts that we can offer the world.

As I have developed my own healing practice I draw on my shamanic training extensively as well as my Theta and Reiki healing experience. I bring together this powerful modality of Family Constellations and depth psychology to truly align with what my clients need in the moment.

For me personally, the movements of the soul are the most profound and where the deepest truth comes through for the individual as well as for the collective. This was the level of personal healing work I required to really embody my own healing process.

How Ancestral Healing can help you:

● To attract a loving and healthy romantic partner: If you are struggling with a particular pattern or a particular person in a relationship and it has been an ongoing and painful struggle.

● To release outdated patterns and self-sabotage: If you are holding heavy emotions and trauma that keep you stuck such as sadness, anxiety, grief or anger. Being stuck in these emotions can impact our lives for years.

● To attract more money & success into your life: Stop floundering through life, failing with money, struggling to keep your business above water or slaving away in jobs where they feel trapped.

● To pass on a heart-based legacy to your children: with freedom from scarcity consciousness, emotional shut-down and other ancestral burdens.

● To fully embody your sacred gifts: by tapping into the gifts of you own ancestral line and those of your soul.

● To develop a profound level of Self Love: if you have never truly known self-love & self-compassion carrying heavy feelings of shame, unworthiness and unlovability can be released.

● To feel more connected to and supported by community: if you struggle to ask for help, struggle to get the help you need when you need it.

Moving into the Future

With deep reverence to those who came before me as teachers and visionaries of this powerful healing practice, I also honor the fact that we all have our own unique gifts to offer the world.

Through reconnecting to our indigenous roots and bringing through the wisdom of the sages, the medicine people, the healers and mystics and all of the well-healed beings from our lineage that reside in the realms of spirit, this will allowing those gifts to shine us and through into the life work we choose to engage in. This will facilitate a natural shift in consciousness within the world at large. For me, reconnecting to our ancestral roots is a matter of great urgency. The frequency and level of consciousness of the ideas and beliefs that we focus on and dream into reality daily will become our future.

With the rate of globalization consuming the uniqueness and splendor of the last remaining indigenous cultures throughout the world, and the desecration of the planet’s natural resources, deep healing for the collective is more necessary now than ever before.

Guided by spirit and a newly forged but deep connection to my own ancestral roots, I have developed an intuitive style of systemic constellations that facilitates deep healings of the soul, personal awareness, as well as bringing through the psychological healings required for the linear timelines of the mind. I am grateful that I have been guided to draw on 15 years of shamanic experience of holding sacred ceremony and the therapeutic work I have honed over the last two decades with my clients.

If you would like to know more about how I can assist you to bring more alignment of spirit and heart into your world, go to

About the Writer

Ancestral Healer, Soul Realignment Specialist, Psychedelic Integration Coach.

Scarab facilitates regular New Moon events online where all can come together as a community to dream a new future with open hearts and open minds as a collective.

Scarab Deva is a shamanic practitioner with an MSc in Psychiatry, a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master, Family Constellation Facilitator, an intuitive healer, and spiritual coach. She dedicates her professional life to assisting her clients with the integration processes before and after their psychedelic and sacred plant medicine experiences.

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