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Microdosing and the Beauty of Sustainability

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

My personal journey with psychedelics began when I was a teenager as it does with most curious open-minded experimenters. I was inspired by a close friend who was such a wise soul and her art was really progressive and 'out of this world' at 17 years old. She told me she would take small amount of LSD alone at home in her garden just to be more creative. It certainly worked. She is now a published author with a number of successful creative projects that have been birthed through her.

I eventually was led fully into the world of psychedelics and indigenous plant medicines by a genius chemist/wizard whom I later married. I spent time in the Amazon jungle learning about this powerful medicine that has over the last decade gained huge popularity with the likes of Will Smith, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan speaking openly about their Ayahuasca experiences. I started out in the jungle drinking and healing my own deep well of pain, however in those days there were no integration practices other than the advice to; keep drinking and purge it all out.

My partner and I soon started a neo-shamanic movement with psychedelic medicines across four continents, the legacy of which continues today. It was too soon for both of us. And yet we expanded and grew our little cohort over an 8 year period together.

It was an insane, powerful, emotional, sometimes disturbing journey, through the many fractelated aspects of reality. And I got to see and experience a lot of the darkness of unhealed humans when mixed with copious amounts of these hallucinogenic substances.