Tarot Reading and Spiritual Guidance


I have been reading Tarot for more than 20 years now and have provided hundereds of people with guideance on their path forward.  I will read you and your cards with open awareness to you as an individual. I specialise in a progressive Kabalistic and Jungian approaches for self actualization and personal growth.  


Your future is yours to Master: Fate is the Floor and Destiny is the ceiling. You can choose to take part in all that you have to offer in this life, or you can choose to stay asleep and allow the winds of fate to move you where they will. There is always a choice....I can help you to discover your personal openings towards self actualization.  


    This session is 60 - 90 minutes long and will be done at a mutually convenient time for client and practitioner over skype or facetime.  

    When booking this session please supply a working email address. 

    Your details will be kept private and not shared with any 3rd party.

    An extra $5 will be reuqired for landline calls.

    Sessions are non refundable once purchase is made.

    Sarab Deva is not a licensed medical practitioner and any nutritional and /or healing recommendations are given only as a coach and spiritual guide.


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