8 Week Intensive Spiritual Alchemy and Immersion

In this eight-session immersion course (administered over an 10 week period), Scarab Deva combines her knowledge of Egyptian and South American Shamanism together with Vedic Mysticism, to tailor-make a program specifically for your personal soul development.


She will bring you into initiation and awareness of the elemental spirits. She will work with your personal numerology and astrology and through numerous shamanic journeys, enable you to more fully develop your own psychic powers and healing potential.   You will learn how to connect to your personal spirit guides, bringing forth a channel for direct communication with them. You will receive at least one whole session dedicated to clearing ancestral karma through family soul realignment and you will also dive deeply into your personal shadow work for self-integration and embodiment of your true divinity. 


Cost will be given upon enquiry.


Each session will be up to 90 minutes long via skype.  


PLEASE NOTE: This program will require that you commit to 25 minutes of homework a day, and that you make some dietary changes during the 6 week period. Results can not be guaranteed if you chose not to stick to the protocol. Please do not book this program unless you are 100% committed to your soul evolution and growth.


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