Boutique Microdosing

Boutique Microdosing


Seshet Spiritual Supplement (45ml)


This bottle of Seshet will be especially curated for your personal needs.

Scarab will connect with you energetically on an individual level to bring through the energies and specific vibrations required for your individual soul's highest development at this time. 


These could be cosmic sacred geometry frequencies, angelic frequncies or healing crystal frequencies, but always with a base of Baniseriopsis Caapi. 




In Egyptian mythology, Seshet (or Seshat) was the essence of cosmic intuition, creating the geometry of the heavens alongside, Thoth, her twin flame. She was originally the divine feminine principle of wisdom. She became the goddess of writing, astronomy, astrology, architecture, and mathematics and the one who refused to conform to the tyranny of the patriarchy came later. It is thought that Seshet originally oversaw sacred shamanic rituals and gave access to the sacred spells and incantations required for the afterlife.


Thanks to the alchemical process of this spiritual elixir, which holds the energetic vibration of this powerful Moon Goddess, you will experience enhanced journeying in the dream world with a deeper connection to your intuition.


* Seshet is lovingly made using a combination of healing plants from the Amazon as well as the energetic vibrations of the Moon and the precious metal – Silver. 


* Working daily with Seshet allows you to go deeper into your spiritual practice in human form.


* If you wish to be creative and in a “flow” state of consciousness during the day, take your Seshet elixir in the morning as soon as you wake up as it works best when taken away from food.