Soul Clearing and Spiritual Attunement

Soul Clearing and Attunement Sessions are done from a distance (takes up to 2 hours).  Then Scarab wll spend speak with you on the phone to discuss her findings and your individual healing process.


This will include:

A Full Soul Reading

* What is your soul origin? Where are you from?

Are you from the Pleiades? Are you from Sirius? Or somewhere else?  Or has your soul been with this planet Gaia since the beginning?

* Identifing where you are now and where you are going. What soul training do you have and how does that affect your true soul purpose in this lifetime?

* Clearing of past life and current life vows, curses, and entanglements so that you can start to fully vibrate with Love, Light and Truth.

* Realignment and connection to your authentic personal spirit guides for more clarity and direction on your path.

* Recieve a chakra and/or subtle body (etheric, astral, emotional, mental) repatterning and balancing (to release blockages to the flow of life: abundance, love, career opportunities, path/purpose, family and relationships) and healing of vulnerabilities to negative spiritual frequencies that keep you stuck.

* DNA activation or realignment.

* Receive the codes for Arch Angel Training so that you can determine the best spiritual path for yourself and conduct Light Work for the planet.


NB: Not everyone's soul is meant to go through this innitiation process. Please apply directly to Scarab Deva if you feel drawn to this powerful clearing work so she can confirm with your Guides that this is the right work for you!


    When booking this session please supply a working email address. 

    Your details will be kept private and not shared with any 3rd party.


    In order for this session to go ahead, Scarab Deva will ask for your date of birth, city of residence and a photo to be emailed to her prior to the healing.

    This session is 45 - 60 minutes long and will be done at a mutually convenient time for the client and the practitioner.

    There will be a follow up call over skype or facetime.  

    An extra $5 will be required for landline calls.

    Sessions are non refundable once purchase is made.

    Scarab Deva is not a licensed medical practitioner and any nutritional and /or healing recommendations are given only as a Coach and Spiritual Guide.


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