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“Older than human beings. Older even than hominids.  Dig as deep as you can in the fossil record, and roses are there already. In the beginning was the Word, says the Gospel of John.

But the truth is, words came later.  In the beginning was the rose."


~ Clark Strand

Activating the Divine Love Codes 

We have entered a collective period of great change on the planet.  

It is more important now than ever to stand in our own truth and to fully develop a heart-based reality

for ourselves and for all. 

As women this means becoming well acquainted with the power of our wombs and

with the women who came before us.

On  a soul level, lightworkers and beings who walk in the light are being called to anchor in deeper and more radiant codes of Love, Light, and Truth as we evolve collectively. We do this by living our truth and openly expressing our magnificence, honoring all that is unique within us. 

The Divine Feminine is returning.

She is calling us to live with a reverence for all life, with deep compassion and grace, opening us to the highest frequencies of love and devotion. 

The Divine Love Codes Immersion is designed to facilitate your soul template in opening to the most updated cosmic codes of Divine Love, preparing you to connect to your truest and purest essence of

Love in human form.  The Divine Feminine path is one of embodiment, where we live the true meaning of abundance, self sovereignty and respect for the cycles of creation, life, death and rebirth.

The Divine Love Codes Immersion & Mystical Rose Initiation

This immersion will be both a personal journey and a community experience.

You will be invited to scheduled group calls as we ste[ into the Great Mystery together.

You will receive 1-on-1 support sessions with Scarab Deva to awaken to your soul path with the Rose Spirit and the Goddess.

Additionally there will be daily deepening practices to complete and initiates will need to apply themselves to these practices authentically and wholeheartedly.

Mystical Initiation with the Rose Plant Spirit

There will be a preparation period to make all initiates ready to receive a Divine initiation with the Rose  Plant Spirit.  Full detox protocol and support herbs will be provided.

There will be daily guidance and mystical frequency upgrades, healings  and activations as well as integration sessions provided throughout the Rose Spirit Initiation Diet. 

Initiates will be given the option of a 'stricter' diet period where the initiate is in relative isolation with time spent mostly in deep self reflection.  Or they can opt for a more 'open' detox experience where they continue to carry out major daily tasks with family and work whilst still adhering to strict dietary guidelines, reducing external stimulation and committing time to a regular daily spiritual practice. 

The unfolding of this immersion will continue for all initiates for months after the official closing , specific to their own soul path with the Rose.

However you choose to connect,  making enough space in your schedule for daily self reflection and silent time will be crucial. 

“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”


~ Franz Kafka  

This will be Your Divine Love Code & Mystical Rose Initiation Experience

While all initiates will gain a profound and personal connection with the Rose Spirit, all will be supported  in a powerful energetic container held by Scarab Deva and the group itself. 

Making a connection with the Rose Plant Spirit is a soul quest that you have likely embarked on over many lifetimes. 

Please only apply if you are fully dedicated to you own  soul growth, awakening and evolution.

 The process of plant spirit-led healing is profound and so it may be challenging at times.

This immersion process is designed to take you deeply into yourself with intensity, so that your own shadows and patterns of self-sabotage and avoidance can become illuminated and integrated.


Traditionally, communion with a plant spirit is a very sacred process.

Once the connection is made the initiate learns with the plant spirit directly, accessing innate soul wisdom and awareness of the true medicine they have to bring to the world often through revelations and visions.


The Divine Love Codes Immersion and Mystical Rose Initiation will draw you inwards reconnecting you back to  Gaia and to Her ancient council and wisdom teachings unraveling thousands of years of conditioning, revealing the truth of your soul lineage.


This will be a re-remembering for you, and a very personal journey, while being held in a powerful energetic container of feminine community. 


There will be a further time of integration and blossoming that stretches out for months

after the immersion officially ends. 

Summary of what is included in the Divine Love Codes Immersion

 || An 11-week container & Initiation into the Divine Feminine Mysteries ||

|| Sacred Altars || Esoteric Astrology || Ancestral Healing Sessions ||

|| Shamanic Wisdom || Ancient Mystery School Rituals || Plant Spirit Detox Protocols ||

|| Shamanic Drum Journeys || 7th-Dimensional Frequency Healings ||

|| Ancient Manifestation Practices ||

You will also receive a divinely curated herbal bundle including

|| The Flower Elixir || Ingredients for Flower Infusions || All Detox Herbs||

||Flower & Mapacho Offerings || Ritual Anointing Oil || Flower Bath ||

|| Manifestation Crystal Grid Template and Crystal Grid  ||


I  am Scarab Deva

It's an interesting story how I got that name.

Happy to share it with you if you are curious ;)

I have been assisting my clients for almost 20 years to lift their vibration, to unravel negative patterns and belief systems and to lovingly untangle themselves from the resistance that holds them back from their magnificence.

I am deeply passionate about your soul growth and spiritual evolution.   I will show up with all heart, all womb and all soul whenever I enter the sacred container we will weave together.  

I will stand with you and for you as you come face to face with those deepest parts of yourself that will herald your transformation.

I see you, Precious Woman of Gaia, and you are magnificent!

I am excited to share this journey with you!


Shamanic Rose Priestess Program 

For those who are dedicated to becoming a Sacred Rose Medicine Carrier & Priestess,

I will soon be offering a 9 month Rose Priestess program to grow your sacred rose bud into a full blossoming of your unique expression of the Rose Medicine in the world.


Please ask about this program upon application.




"This immersion healed some old buried wounds that I didn't even know I had. I know now because I've been told since that I seem different and that I even sound different.

This was a real eye and heart-opening experience. I went forward with the effort of being open-minded, but found the whole process didn't need such effort. By following the guidelines and sticking to the direction and advice of Scarab I found myself effortlessly being with the Rose Plant Spirit. I was able to connect with her medicine, feel her essence, and utilize it as a healing mechanism throughout the journey. I will keep using what I learned to continue the healing that has already taken place. Thank you for this beautiful experience back to myself!"



"They say that when you ask for a teacher, your right teacher will appear and that is exactly what happened with Scarab. I had no idea how much I needed this immersion until I signed up, stepped into it fully, and was given the opportunity to fully explore the vast capacity of my divine feminine powers.



Scarab led us through the most incredible experiences. Her wisdom, passion and power drew us into our own wisdom, passions, and power. She created the most beautiful and compassionate space for us, so we could experience our own emerging strength. As a result of this immersion and working with the rose, I now have the experience of knowing myself and my ancestors so intimately, that at any time I can go back into the spaces that were created by my experience and tap into them to bring light to situations that have once baffled me. I have a new sense of freedom to express my divine femininity, my power, and my sensuality that did not exist before. I am forever grateful for Scarab and the mysteries that she brought to light for me and others. I continue to look to her for wisdom, teachings, and inspiration." 



"I feel so much more whole! I have experienced profound connection with my Divine Feminine and know her now in a much deeper way.

This experience was exactly what I needed to open up my sacral area, which has been closed my entire life (and that's been some years).

I found the exercises to be such powerful tools and moving into the future I now have those to rely on while navigating my journey to myself.

Many, many thanks to you, Scarab!"



"This immersion is deep, but so well worth it. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to open their heart and heal any unhealed parts.

The Divine Love Codes with Scarab Deva has been an amazing journey. Scarab helped guide us on this journey to self, and her expertise with plant medicine has gifted her this incredible path to teach. I had days of pure bliss tuning into my authentic self, and days of sadness where I was uncovering some deep old wounds that were looking to be healed.

The processing sessions with Scarab helped bring light and comfort to the deep work I was doing. I learned about the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, which I had never understood in this way before. I appreciated all the tools in the tool kit that she provided. Scarab made it very comprehensive."



"I have a deeper sense of self-love than I’ve ever had before. It's been a  transformative journey rediscovering myself as a powerful, beautiful, sensual woman.

I didn’t know what to expect from this immersion when I signed up, but I was called to it and had already had powerful experiences working with Scarab. After going through the journey now, it has given me way more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve experienced multiple layers of emotional, spiritual and physical healing, and I know it will continue as I continue to integrate and grow with the experience.

I will forever be grateful!"



"I got so much more out of this beautiful immersion than I imagined, I will always be grateful to Scarab for sharing this magic with me!

The Divine Love Codes Immersion was a magical experience from beginning to end! 

I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I trust Scarab completely. 

She did not disappoint! 

Through a variety of practices and gorgeous meditations, I was given lifelong tools for so many sacred practices, ranging from how to stay grounded to traveling to other dimensions for healing."