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Scarab Deva offers three different immersion experiences that build on each other.  Each will assist you to more fully align with your individual soul destiny and will activate your personal expression of soul magnificence within the Planetary and Galactic Grids.

The Divine Love Codes is an 11-week virtual alchemical self-development immersion process and combines 

Deep Ancestral Healing, Mystery School practices and Sacred Plant Dieta. 

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Activating the
Divine Love Codes

We have entered a collective period of great change on the planet.  

All Lightworkers and beings who walk in the Light are being called to anchor in deeper and more radiant codes of Love, Light, and Truth as we evolve collectively. The Divine Feminine is returning.


Now is the time to embrace and heal your own feminine power!

The Divine Love Immersion is designed to facilitate your soul template in opening to the most updated Divine Love Codes, preparing you to embody your truest and purest essence of Love in human form.

In this 11-week virtual immersion, you will be initiated into

sacred Red and White Tantric practices,

Crystal Grid Healing,

Shamanic Wisdom,

Ancient Mystery School Rituals,

Detox Protocols, 

Shamanic Drum Journeys,

7th-Dimensional Healing Practices,

and Ancient manifestation practices.

Also included is a collection of specially selected Plant Medicines and Sacred Herbal Support, for your immersion experience to be done in the comfort of your own home. 

This immersion includes two deep dive ancestral healing sessions with Scarab Deva to facilitate profound healings and openings to the most updated Divine Love Codes for you and your ancestral lineages.

You will also receive access to the Members area of this website, where weekly guided meditations, exercises and rituals will be made available to support your journey, plus weekly group integration sessions plus text and email support.



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Who is this Immersion for

All women and all who identify as women


Sensitive souls


Heart Wisdom Medicine Keepers


  • Do you find yourself attracting the same toxic relationships into your life?

  • Do you struggle to enjoy true intimacy?

  • Do you make life decisions from your head and ignore your deeper feelings?

  • Do you struggle to get your ideas off the ground and to manifest them into reality?

  • Are you curious about sacred plant medicine dietas but not sure if its the right process for you?

  • Are you are ready to receive and live a higher frequency of soul expression, feminine power, and Divine Love on this planet?


Calling all women who want to understand and heal their feminine lineage.​

Calling all women interested in learning more about plant teacher dietas, and who wish to join a growing community of women who are opening up to the deeper wisdom of their bodies, of Gaia and to the natural world.

Our time has come.

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What is included
  • An 11-week virtual alchemical immersion and sacred mystery school experience.

  • Initiation into the 6 sacred circles of the Divine Feminine.

  • An introduction to shamanic plant medicine dietas.

  • Full orientation and support for getting started.

  • Plant medicine package for your dieta process sent to your front door-step.

  • Two deep dive ancestral healing sessions with Scarab Deva.

  • 1-1 Integration support with Scarab Deva via Zoom.

  • Personal Yoni Steaming stool handmade from the finest aromatic cedarwood.

  • Deep womb/sacral and heart-healing sessions.

  • Full detox and dietary protocols to support you with deepening your experience.

  • Sound healing workshop to create your own sacred healing song with the help of the plant spirits.

  • Weekly group integration sessions via Zoom.

  • Scarab Deva's Manual for Heart-Based reflections to assist with processing your experiences and to hold the Divine Feminine in your life as an ongoing practice with shamanic ritual, shamanic teachings, dieta guidance, and much more!

  • Members area access for guided meditations and tantric exercises to support your immersion experience.




All divinely curated to assist you to embody 

the Divine Love Codes.

What you will learn
  • How to build your own sacred space and altar to capture and draw in the teachings from the elements and plant spirits.

  • How to work with your ancestors in a safe way.

  • How to merge deeply with a plant spirit and deepen your understanding of sacred ritual and sacred plant medicines. 

  • How to tap into your own powerful intuitive centers so that you can make decisions that will deeply enrich your life.

  • How to create your own sacred prayers of manifestation through 'despacho' to Gaia.

  • How to practice solo dietas and traditional dietas safely and effectively.

  • How to release past-life and current life blockages related to creativity, manifestation ability, abundance, and emotional and sexual intimacy.

  • How to awaken and blossom to the energy of your Divine Feminine with deeper levels of initiation and activation through the power of the sacred plant spirits.

  • Practices and rituals to assist you to awaken and rebirth your 5th-dimensional heart-based reality and the sacred feminine within. 

  • How to move more naturally with your personal feminine cycles.

  • Learn the power of vulnerability and the power of expressing your own feminine gifts through your heart.

  • Learn how passion and grace beget evolution.

  • How to safely and fully embody your feminine grace, sensitivity, vulnerability, sweetness, intuitive and empathic abilities, sensuality, and vibrance. 

The immersion process draws us inwards and deeply reconnects us back to

Gaia and to Her ancient council and wisdom teachings.



"I feel so much more whole! I have experienced profound connection with my Divine Feminine and know her now in a much deeper way.

This experience was exactly what I needed to open up my sacral area, which has been closed my entire life (and that's been some years).

I found the exercises to be such powerful tools and moving into the future I now have those to rely on while navigating my journey to myself.

Many, many thanks to you, Scarab!"


"This immersion is deep, but so well worth it. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to open their heart and heal any unhealed parts.


The Divine Love Codes with Scarab Deva has been an amazing journey. Scarab helped guide us on this journey to self, and her expertise with plant medicine has gifted her this incredible path to teach. I had days of pure bliss tuning into my authentic self, and days of sadness where I was uncovering some deep old wounds that were looking to be healed.

The processing sessions with Scarab helped bring light and comfort to the deep work I was doing. I learned about the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, which I had never understood in this way before. I appreciated all the tools in the tool kit that she provided. Scarab made it very comprehensive."


"I have a deeper sense of self-love than I’ve ever had before. It's been a  transformative journey rediscovering myself as a powerful, beautiful, sensual woman.

I didn’t know what to expect from this immersion when I signed up, but I was called to it and had already had powerful experiences working with Scarab. After going through the journey now, it has given me way more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve experienced multiple layers of emotional, spiritual and physical healing, and I know it will continue as I continue to integrate and grow with the experience.

I will forever be grateful!"


"The immersion did heal some old buried wounds that I didn't feel aware of. I know because I've been told since that I seem different, even sound different.

This was an eye and heart-opening experience. I had no idea what to expect and admittedly wasn't sure if I was going to get anything. I went forward with the effort of being open-minded, but found the whole process didn't need such effort. By following the guidelines and sticking to the direction and advice of Scarab I found myself effortlessly being with the Plant Spirit. I was able to connect with her medicine, feel her essence, and utilize it as a healing mechanism throughout the journey. I will keep using what I learned to continue the healing that has already taken place. Thank you for this beautiful gift!"


"I got so much more out of this beautiful immersion than I imagined, I will always be grateful to Scarab for sharing this magic with me!

The Divine Love Codes Immersion was a magical experience from beginning to end! 

I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I trust Scarab completely. 

She did not disappoint! 

Through a variety of practices and gorgeous meditations, I was given lifelong tools for so many sacred practices, ranging from how to stay grounded to traveling to other dimensions for healing."


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