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Ancestral healing

Soul retrieval

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Spiritual guidance and coaching designed to elevate your spiritual development


Therapeutic integration sessions to process sacred plant medicine experiences

"Those sought-after "healing breakthroughs" are never a linear process.

For some, it can take seconds, for others it's more like a journey of discovery.

From time to time, we all need a little support on our journey home..." Scarab Deva

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Nicole Hailey (AKA Scarab Deva) is an intuitive healer, shamanic ceremonial facilitator,

and Family Constellation Facilitator. 

Her healing name (Scarab Deva) calls forth her direct personal ancestral lineages from both

North Africa and Southern India. 

Scarab Deva has been working with a variety of healing modalities for more than twenty years

and has learned from various maestros from the Shipibo Canibo tribe of the

Peruvian Amazon and traditional healers of the Andean Highlands

(completing numerous master-teacher plant dietas).  


She has facilitated hundreds of sacred medicine circles in

Africa, Europe, Central and South America believing in a holistic

and personalized approach to spiritual development and healing.


Scarab Deva specializes in the psychotherapeutic application of altered states of consciousness, bringing together ancient shamanic healing techniques, eastern wisdom and a western understanding of the mind.

Scarab Deva initially developed a soulful connection to the power of the sacred naad

(sound current) as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She is a Reiki Master and holds degrees in Psychology, with Clinical Hypnosis and an MSc. in Psychiatry through the Cardiff School of MedicineShe also works extensively with the ancestors and spirit guides of her clients for their soul healing, as a Family Constellation facilitator.


She now dedicates her love and energy towards distance healings, dynamic personal coaching sessions, Family Constellation group and one-on-one sessions, spiritual counseling,

tarot, and integration work for those who require support

and guidance after mystical and sacred shamanic healing experiences.


"Scarab Deva is by far the best soul and shamanic healer I have ever worked with. She has many intensive years of experience as well as a true understanding and empathy for the delicacy of who we are as humans and souls. She is intuitive beyond words - she can look at me and know exactly what is wrong, what caused it and the best way to heal it.  I know that there is nobody else that will make me feel safer, she holds space for you like none other and it seems as if she makes a wish for you and it comes true. Her work and the experience she provides is so unique and the huge changes are so tangible, I recommend her to anyone that is ready for a huge shift because all I can say is, my entire life changed after she worked on me and worked with me and this, I know you won’t find anywhere else." 

Sarah Lee - Animal Activitst, Actress and Model, USA

"I have had the absolute pleasure of being guided by Scarab Deva in the many facets of my life. Her extensive knowledge on tarot, shamanic healing and astrology has powerfully influenced my decisions on a daily basis, giving me a true sense of my purpose in the world and my relationships to others. Her distance healing was so accurate and informative that it has been a blessing and a gift. She is a true healer in every sense of the word."

Lisa Marie - Bespoke Jewelry Designer, International Model and Actress, Ubud, Bali

"Scarab Deva's reading was powerful, assertive, on point and helped bring me more awareness that I can change my path by making better choices."

Rosalia - Yoga Teacher, Costa Rica

"When I had my tarot reading with Scarab Deva it was more than a reading. It was a beautiful session filled with wisdom and accurate insights. The clarity I received made me feel empowered.  Her Shamanic Healing session for me was truly healing, profound (!) and inspired me creatively in many instances with my coaching work."

Paola - Life Coach, Costa Rica

"Scarab Deva's vision in the now and future was shared with clarity, precision, and compassion - with doable steps that are gifting me with the courage to step more fully into my path. Her support is rooted in her own abilities to walk through the fire of transformation and feeds my strength to do so as well. I highly recommend working with Scarab Deva!"

Jaya Tara Devi - Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Healer, USA


"Scarab Deva is truly a compassionate and nurturing healer and guide who has been part of my spiritual journey since I had the opportunity to work with her during my first sacred plant medicine retreat in 2016.  Recently, while struggling with some decisions and feeling really stuck in my career realm, I reached out to her for my first-ever Tarot card reading. It was beyond amazing! All at once, everything just made sense! Our reading helped open the channel to my creativity again, so new energy and ideas could flow. Post-session, I’m feeling more energetic and optimistic about my future. I truly feel blessed to have Scarab as part of my journey; she has a gift for creating safe, sacred spaces so you can more fully open your heart space and be inspired to become all that you were meant to be."

Erin -  Writer, Actor, Producer, Oregon USA

"My shamanic distance session with Scarab Deva was honestly the best thing I could do for myself. I am so grateful! Scarab Deva gave me an insight into what is happening in my soul and helped me to truly heal. I felt as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after only one session with her. She is very specific and tells you what your body needs and what is best for you to avoid for your physical and psychological health. I recommended her to my family members and friends and will continue to work with her."

Seema - Social Worker, Germany

"How do I capture in words the transformation I’ve experienced working with Scarab…?  She has helped me tap into authenticity and energy that I didn’t know I had inside; she has inspired me to honor my gifts and strengths, and recognize that the dark informs the light.  She has been a profound teacher, and I am grateful to have her as a spiritual guide.  I would be remiss if I didn’t add she is a very witty woman and just a joy to speak with!  Scarab Deva is a gift!"

Tracey - Tech Entrepreneur, Boston, USA

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