Systemic Family Constellations

“Half of your being consists of your mother and half of your being consists of your father. You are here because of them; if they were not here you would not be here. All that is happening to you is, in a way, because of them. They remain your foundation...” ~ Osho

Systemic Family Constellations was a therapeutic technique first developed by the German therapist, Bert Hellinger.

The basis of this therapeutic approach is based on perceiving the individual as part of a greater whole – the family and the ancestral system – rather than as a separate entity.

The individual's behavior, feelings, and attitudes, have to be understood in the context of this larger group.

As in any other system, unspoken energetic laws operate within our ancestral lineages, which dictate the behavior of the family members. Suffering usually arises for others in the lineage when a family member unconsciously violates these ancient energetic laws of connection.  This is generally done unknowingly, not out of vindictiveness, but out of ‘blind’ love to the ancestors that are part of the same entanglement.

The client is able to bring the truth of these hidden entanglements to light (entanglements that often manifest as chronic illness, unexplained anxiety, depression, rage, and a general inability to thrive). 

With the help of a skilled facilitator (and group participants), the client is able to create a constellation of his or her family. This work uniquely uncovers destructive family dynamics, that once revealed, can be brought back into alignment and facilitate tangible, long-lasting healing. 

Thanks to her extensive shamanic experience, Scarab brings in elements to her constellation work that are deeply connected to ancestral healing and soul-lineage realignment.

This includes healing traumas from past lives as well as healing trauma passed on through DNA.


Reach out to Scarab to find out how Systemic Family Constellation work can help you.

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