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Non-Judgement, Vulnerability and the Disorder of being Human

Happy Summer Solstice for those in the North! Open to the light now. There is plenty of it!

Allow me to state first and foremost that I do my best to speak from my own experience with my blogs.

This is not meant to be egocentric in anyway (although my Leo Ascendant and slight pre-aptitude for dramatics might have you believing that ;)

No, rather I do it that way to be someone who leads by example. That in my opinion takes great courage. And that is me really stepping into the power of my Leo Ascendant – by being the best and most integrous version of a Leo I can be. I feel it's part of my “growing up and accepting my destiny”.

In 2009 I intuited (during a Vipassana retreat) that I was to complete the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program. Part of being a good teacher of yoga (and anything else), is to convert your message into something digestible for the listener or reader. The truth is always simple! Why fill it with jargon and abstract concepts that can not be applied practically in the here and now?

So when I relate my messages, I speak from my own experiences. Things that have happened to me personally that have made me ponder and wonder about this world, the people in it and how it all fits together. And obviously as a grow myself - I might change my opinions on things. Nothing is rock solid, not even rocks