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The Alchemical Container of the Goddess

I am opening a new container with the Rose Medicine on the 30th of April 2022.

I call it the Divine Love Immersion and it is comprised of the Divine Love Codes and Mystical Rose Initiation

Working with Rose Medicine has been more than just heart opening, it has been life altering.

My work has changed, my relationship to my body has changed, how I relate to others has changed. But most notable, is that I have had multiple visitations from Goddesses in multi-dimensional layers and spaces in meditations, in psychedelic spaces and also in dreams scapes.

She started her work with me in 2013 when the Aztec Goddess Coatlicue (I did not know who she was at the time) came to me in a vision to share her stories of grief. I was shown something so painful and horrifying, the mystical details of the origin of the suppression of the Divine feminine, but I could not understand what this symbolism meant, nor place it within my own field of consciousness at the time because I was so far removed from myself and my truth.


Then Mother Mary came to me and thereafter began my personal initiation into the container of the Goddess. Soon after that, I was struck down by a mystery illness in my womb and ovaries, the likes of which haunted every wa