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The Alchemical Container of the Goddess

I am opening a new container with the Rose Medicine on the 30th of April 2022.

I call it the Divine Love Immersion and it is comprised of the Divine Love Codes and Mystical Rose Initiation

Working with Rose Medicine has been more than just heart opening, it has been life altering.

My work has changed, my relationship to my body has changed, how I relate to others has changed. But most notable, is that I have had multiple visitations from Goddesses in multi-dimensional layers and spaces in meditations, in psychedelic spaces and also in dreams scapes.

She started her work with me in 2013 when the Aztec Goddess Coatlicue (I did not know who she was at the time) came to me in a vision to share her stories of grief. I was shown something so painful and horrifying, the mystical details of the origin of the suppression of the Divine feminine, but I could not understand what this symbolism meant, nor place it within my own field of consciousness at the time because I was so far removed from myself and my truth.


Then Mother Mary came to me and thereafter began my personal initiation into the container of the Goddess. Soon after that, I was struck down by a mystery illness in my womb and ovaries, the likes of which haunted every waking moment of my existence for 7 long and painful years. I was eventually being treated with Cancer patients, out of desperation, as nothing else outside of me could heal my condition, other than the most extreme options available.

And then Isis came to me in my dreams and visions. Then Mary Magdalene, then Lilith and finally, Kali.

Oh Kali Ma, praise thee. You who are compassionate beyond all others, and fearful to behold in your rage.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a classic yogic text. Written more than 2,000 years ago, this sacred work is a mapped out fast track to enlightenment. It is derived from ancient oral tradition, from bygone days when the Divine feminine, was revered as the creative principle of the universe.

She, the Goddess, the primal force of nature and fertility. She who brings forth the water from heaven and protects humans. Se is the mother of life and death, holding joy and pain in her right hand, life and death in her left. The universe is contained in her womb.

In her fiercest forms, Devi is known as Durga and Kali, the great protectors of humanity; while in her most tender expressions she is Lakshmi, or Parvati. She resides in all beings as the animating force of the soul.

When the Yoga Sutra began to be taught by priests and scholars from a masculine Hindu tradition, one with the power of gurus and temples and decades of study behind it, the feminine aspect of Spirit, Devi, began to be pushed aside and a disdainful attitude toward women arose.

Devi’s most powerful forms were then eclipsed by her image as mother or wife, as nurse or lover. As consort rather than equal.

Hence the Goddess lost her place of power as an equal to God and she became subordinate to the masculine aspect of Divinity. This same scenario of disempowering the feminine spread across many cultures, resulting in ridicule, punishment, and even death – effectively silencing the balancing power of women’s voices in community.

A disempowered, victimized, hostile relationship with the Divine feminine prevents us from stepping fully into our power as human beings. It will be as though we are missing one half of ourselves. When we embrace the Goddess as the primal force of nature and fertility, as a fierce force to be reckoned with, holding life and death in her hands, we can experience her true nature as she asserts her place of power through the elements.

Consider your own relationship to the feminine. Do you relate more to the roles of wife, nurse, or lover? Or do you relate more to the role of transformative tantrika, the wild woman who is in constant communion with nature, the fierce warrior for highest truth, or perhaps the oracle advisor who sits on the counsel, looking out for the highest benefit of all involved?

Most of us, men and women, are conditioned by the stereotypes of the ideal woman that we have picked up from our families, media and society. Oh I remember those!

When I was growing up, I was conditioned to 'be sure to be pretty enough to find a husband, but not too loud, not too opinionated, not too immodest, not too fat, not too thin, not too old, not too unfashionable'.....and the list goes on.

Most of these stereotypes involve women in differential roles. For instance women are often perceived as aggressive when clearly speaking her truth with fierceness (whereas a man is seen as assertive). And yet, it is thoroughly acceptable (expected even) for a woman to become fierce as a mother when protecting her young.

Carl Jung recognized that men and women have both masculine and feminine aspects to their psyches, the anima and animus. Looking inside yourself and at the women who surround you,and imagine stepping outside of the limited stereotype relegating women to only finding acceptance of their fierceness while protecting their young. I wonder how it would look instead if women unapologetically embraced the Wild Woman energy of passion and unbridled drive, or the fierceness of Durga, the Mother of life and death, whose ferocity brings balance to the world.

"Once you make a connection with the Goddess you embark on a lifelong journey of rediscovering the parts of yourself your soul remembers. But which have been buried through time, under ancestral debris and by the hubris of a brat-ish patriarchy that is sorely in need of their mother's breast." Scarab Deva

Revering both aspects of the Divine feminine, the compassionate, the gentle and the fierce, men and women together can co-create a mythology for the future where the Goddess reclaims her place as an equal, bringing into being a world of balance and harmony.

Moving through the alchemical container of the Goddess is by no means easy. It can be a perilous journey and one you might never come back from. And yet it is one that is well worth it (see my previous blog on Divine Love, Divine Light and the Mystic) because you will emerge entirely transformed. This is where my namesake 'Scarab' comes from. I do not feel myself entitled to be named after a goddess. I am only human after all.

I do however, bring through the deep alchemical transformation in my work, through guiding initiates through the alchemical container of the Goddess and the cycles of life, death and rebirth. The cycles of Maiden, Mother and Crone together with Rose Medicine have brought me to places I could not have reached any other way, despite 15 years of sacred plant medicine, years spent training in Peru, years of great discipline and deprivation and after facilitating Ayahuasca ceremonies all over the world.

The containers I offer now are co-created with the Goddess. Some containers can take on a 1:1 immersion style of mentorship, or they can take on the shape and form of a group container, as well as many other shapes and forms. This all depends on the initiate and their soul contract with the Goddess.

And yet it is, as it always has been, and always will be; Transformative.

I invite you to connect with the Goddess daily in any way that feels appropriate for you. It is a journey like no other and takes you deeply into yourself, or as deeply as you are able to go, and then a few steps more.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with the Goddess and how this has changed your life. For me it is something that is truly sacred and has brought me into a profound space of Divine Love. When you reach the wisdom of the Crone energy it all becomes crystal clear.

The Toxic Patriarchy stemmed from a bunch of lost little boys who were angry with their Mother. And the rest became HIS - story retold from HIS wounded perspective.

My blessed beings, this is not even about HER - story anymore.

This is about how we want OUR - story to be remembered.

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